Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha Harihi Om!

I am Mohana, an independent Neo-Freudian researcher. I have come here to meet you all through the power of the internet. As it is with anybody, my life is an ongoing experiment and I am here to share and keep sharing the results with you.

I have been getting quite interested in dreams and dream analysis lately. Being an academic person, I turned this interest, into something that is measurable. I have chosen this to be my PhD topic. I am here to demand a small favor from you in return for something quite exciting.

I would like for you to send me your dreams, as I am on a quest to collect 50,000 dreams and then present them as a memoir of sorts. Once, you send your dreams to me by contacting me through my contact page, I,  with all of my years of expertise would like to explore your dreams with you. They will not be made public, neither will they be published anywhere. I value your privacy and it is of supreme importance to me.

I have no intentions of getting paid for this, so do not worry – this is a free service.

I would be using traditional, rustic, ethnic Indian methods to analyze your dreams that have been in use for more than 2000 years. These would provide an insight into your personality, behavior and would probably even help you somewhere along the line with whatever it is you want to do with your life.

Dreams are speaking to us, but are you ready to listen to them?

Come, let us explore.

A very interesting dream of mine..

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